The Know How –

“There are no shortcuts, when it comes to experience... 26 years plus”


“From the BIGGEST TO THE SMALLEST Industrial Motors… - We can CONTROL them ALL” 

CT Dynamics (SA), a Port Elizabeth based company, was established in 1996 and has witnessed the transformation of Industrial Automation. We specialize in optimum Motor Control – Global Standard. Regardless of its Manufacturer, Type, Size or Control Principals involved – “We Can Control It”

AC Motors, DC Motors, Permanent Magnet Servo Motors, Linear Motors, Slip-Ring Motors, Alternators

and Generators with respective configurations of Drives, Gear Boxes, Reductions, Motion Controllers, PLC’s, Industrial Networks, Feedback and Field Devices, Touch Screens and Customised Software Solutions. We have done it all...    


We have continuously partnered with Global Leaders: Nidec Corporation - Control Techniques & Leroy Somer, to ensure that we can supply our customers with best quality products, up to 5 year warranties, and fast turn-around time to meet their strenuous demands. We thrive on challenging, difficult, and most innovative solutions for applications that are novel or unproven. Our experience in problem solving has been built over a long period of time and our knowledge gained is passed onto our next client as a bonus benefit.


The trend has been to move away from Analogue Controllers and incorporate Digital Controllers with Feedback Devices for better, higher performance and Application accuracy. We have grown with the latest technology available, on the market in power devices (Thyristors and IGBT’s), Micro Processors, Industrial Networks, Remote Bus Systems, Motion Coordinators and High-Resolution Touch Screens and Panels.

The Know How: “There are no shortcuts, when it comes to experience... 24 Years Plus

“We are the Leaders of our field in South Africa - Eastern Cape and we have truly done it ALL...”

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CT Dynamics Premesis
CT Dynamics Premesis


Turn-Key Solutions.

Electrical System Design & Mechanical Design if needed.

Circuitry / Safeties / Electrical Drawings / Mechanical Drawings.

Manufacture of Electrical Power and Control System.

Software Development - Source Code - for Any Project. (Existing or Brand New)

Project Installation, Cabling, Wiring on Site.

System Testing & Final Software Commissioning on Site.

System Training & Handover.

“We offer a 24hr Service, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days of the Year"

APPLICATIONS DONE:  Soft-Starters, AC Induction Motors-Open & Closed Loop Flux Vector Speed/Torque/Motion, AC Servo MotorsSpeed/Torque/Motion, DC Motors + Field-Speed/Torque/ Motion, PIDs, Digital Lock, Multiple Axis CAMs, CNC's: Mixers, Extruders, Mills, Calendars 4&6 Rolls, Drum/Turret Spotting, Cap-Strips, Bias Cutters, Windups, Let-Offs, Capstans, Edge Guiding, Cut to Length Indexers, Flying Sheers, Spindle Orientation, Compressors, Conveyors, Robot 6-Axis, CranesLong/Cross/Hoists, Pick & Place, Testing Equipment, Presses and Press Feeders, Hydraulic & Water Pumps, Packaging, Tyre Buffing Machines–8 Axis, 36 Axis Servo System, Roller Testers, Networking: Profibus-DP, Profinet, Modbus RTU & TCP-IP, Ethernet TCP-IP, CT-Net, Ether-CAT, Interbus-S, RS232/485, Beckhoff PLC's, Remote I/O, Touch Screens, Scada and so many more… 

No Matter your Problem: “Consider it Solved!”