Unidrive M’s PROFIBUS-DP interface module enables follower connectivity. It is possible to use multiple SI-PROFIBUS modules or a combination of SI-PROFIBUS and other option module types to add additional functionality such as extended I/O, gateway functionality or additional PLC features.


Features include:

• Supported data rates (bits/s): 12 M, 6.0 M, 3.0 M, 1.5 M, 500 k, 187.5 k, 93.75 k, 45.45 k, 19.2 k, 9.6 k

• Maximum of 32 input and 32 output cyclic data words supported

• PROFIdrive profile (V2 & V4) supported

• Non-cyclic data channel supported

• Parallel acyclic/cyclic data communication


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